BBMRI-NL is a consortium of the eight Dutch academic hospitals, and several institutes and academic departments, including the GCC.

Its mission is to build the infrastructure that is necessary for a national biobanking research facility to enhance translational research: the NL Biobank Facility.
This means linking more types of research materials, such as imaging and metabolomics; a more direct link to societal stakeholders, like patient representatives; and building the IT infrastructure that makes all existing bioresources available and accessible to all stakeholders.

Dutch (indeed, European) health care in general is moving towards personalized medicine. But to achieve that goal it is necessary, firstly: to make existing infrastructures as efficient and interoperable as possible; and secondly, for the existing infrastructures to collaborate closely.
BBMRI-NL can contribute to this effort by working to achieving its mission of building the NL Biobank Facility and by building links with other infrastructures, such as DTL, ELIXIR, and EATRIS.

BBMRI-NL is part of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (BBMRI-ERIC).