The GCC Roadmap

SV and indel calling
Biobank catalogues
Genetic information system (GIDS 2.0)
Biobank harmonization tools
Multi-omics data integration
Imputation benchmarking
Improvements high availability storage
Variant/patient databasing

There are two bioinformatics teams:

(1) The ‘Computing’ team for:
• ‘In-house’ next generation sequence analysis (in collaboration with the GAF, Genome Analysis Facility)
• Genome of the Netherlands (GoNL)
• Variant databasing, eg Genome NL Variant catalogue

(2) The ‘Portal’ team for:
• Biobank catalogues
• Multi-omics data integration (Human, Plants, Mice, Rats, Worms)
• Patient research data capture

We can help you plan your project and store and analyze your bioinformatics data. We have a catalogue of re-usable research infrastructure blocks for this purpose. We are also building a high speed, robust, computer and storage infrastructure that everyone can use, and for which our aim is to have no single points of hardware failure.

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